Any information about me and my sculptures can be found in the text below.
Sculptures may be purchased in the galleries or via direct contact.
Please, feel welcome to inquire by phone or email.
I'm always happy to talk about art and answer any questions about my work.

The leading galleries exhibiting my art are ArtInHouse in Warsaw; SGS in Sopot; 
Vivid in Wroclaw; Gemini in Eindhoven; Vinci in Poznan, Desa Unicum Warsaw, Bator Szczyrk and others....

Every single sculpture is unique. Bronze in series, consists of 8 sculptures.
Sculptures may be sent directly to the buyer.

I'd like to invite Institutions and Collectors to inquire about individual designs, tailored for specific investments. 

I'm open for partnerships, including new exhibitions.
Poniżej znaleźć można wszelkie informacje o mnie i moich rzeźbach.  
Prace można zakupić w galeriach lub  przez kontakt bezpośredni.
Zapraszam do kontaktu telefonicznego oraz mailowego.
Chętnie odpowiem na wszystkie pytania i porozmawiam o sztuce.
Wiodące galerie to ArtInHouse w Warszawie; SGS w Sopocie; Vivid we Wrocławiu; Gemini w Eindhoven; Vinci w Poznaniu,Desa w Warszawie, Lista jest długa.
Każda praca  jest niepowtarzalna, brązy w seriach 8 sztuk kolekcjonerskich.
Prace mogą być wysłane do klienta.
Zapraszam Instytucje i Zainteresowanych kolekcjonerów do składania propozycji na indywidualne wykonanie rzeźb lub projektów designerskich
pod konkretne inwestycje.
Jestem otwarty na współpracę, w tym organizację wystaw.
Jacek Opała. Born in 1970 in Bolesławiec, Lower Silesia region, sculptor, ceramicist. He is a self-taught artist, an engineer by education, an entrepreneur with his own heritage company.
He discovered a sculpting passion creating first ceramic moulds, with the support of the Błotny brothers in their plant in Parowa. After some time, he equipped his own workshop and started to fire his work in an electric furnace, independently.
Fascinated with the classic art, from ancient Pompeii, through Michelangelo to Igor Mitoraj, attempts to make his works include a perfect harmony of form, aesthetics, vividness and colour. By adding elements of architecture, erotica and painting, he tries to capture and maintain emotions. 
Because he himself yearns for obvious arts, he, in his own manner, wants his sculptures to tell stories. He is glad when those who watch it, recognize some hint in them and make their own further story. He would like his works to provoke reflections and, at the same time, cause emotions, in an obvious manner. Asked about inspirations, he replies that this is life, the nature, the history, people, everything, in a word.
The process of creation consists in carving a model in clay and making a mould of it. Based on this mould, he creates a series of works with various elements of his stories and various methods of decoration – from a raw, rough stoneware, to complicated painting elements hidden in glaze. Each work is different. Each one is a new challenge and contains elements of technological experiments. Each one, upon a request, can be reforged into a bronze cast.
He is a member of the Polish Ceramics Association.
Married, two nice children
For a few snapshots from the artist's life and recent exhibitions see the gallery below or visit Jacek's Facebook and Instagram profile, linked in the navigation panel.
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